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Dutch language courses

What makes the Dutch DUTCH: language and more!

  • All courses are personalized, within your specific workfield
    or social situation
  • Teaching methods that fit you best and that can be adjusted
    the way you want
  • Private or in small groups
  • In a cosy setting
  • Anytime during the year
  • Focus on one or more skills according to your wishes
  • The possibility to prepare for the Inburgeringsexamen,
    or Staatsexamen I or II.

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Are you a (health care) professional, who would like to take the next step in Dutch (C1 level)?

Besides generic classes, individual or in small groups, Influente also offers tailor-made classes to improve your Dutch from intermediate level (B2) to professional level (C1). Influente can work with you by tailoring a programme suited to your professional needs.

The first requirement for working in the Netherlands will be to reach the intermediate level of Dutch (the so-called B2 level) or Professional Dutch (the so-called  C1 level). Together we will create a tailor-made programme that will suit your needs to ensure that your training goals are met through with imagination, flair and professionalism.

We will practise conversation in the form of roleplay and through other oral and written exercises. We will keep evaluating the used methods and your progress, and will make adjustments if and when needed.

Are you a health care professional, who would like to practice in the Netherlands? To do so you have to comply with the professional standards of the Dutch healthcare system. Two key requirements for compliance are having a professional working knowledge of the Dutch language and a so-called BIG registration. To obtain the BIG registration, you will have to ensure your diploma is recognized in the Netherlands. (For more details about the BIG-registration: https://english.bigregister.nl)

Don’t hesitate and take the next step towards your professional career in the Netherlands!

Where? At the Influente offices, incompany and/or through skype. For more information, please contact us: admin@influente.com



Elizabeth, USA

Monique was very patient when we didn’t do our homework or weren’t getting it the first time. She kept calmly explaining the grammar rules and correcting our pronunciation over and over again. It’s exactly what we needed and I truly appreciated it.


Monique would always complement the text book and provide extra exercises. The class activities were well organized. She would pick up on our challenges during the class and provide supporting material the next lesson. It was a great experience.

Sergio, Italy

Monique is een heel goede leraar. Ik heb de cursus gevolgd met een collega, hij heeft een hoger niveau Nederlands dan het mijne. Monique heeft de situatie goed beheerd en ons veel nieuwe dingen geleerd. Werkcollega’s zijn erg blij met onze verbetering.

Kristaps, Estland



If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart
” – Nelson Mandela